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Monday, June 27, 2011

Something I really need....

So my life has been absolute chaos since November!  Yep that's 8 solid months!  We have twin boys, were living in Minnesota, my husband accepted a new job in Iowa - which was great, but then came all the craziness during the holiday season....

Getting our house ready to sell
Selling our house
Leaving jobs and friends
Moving into my high school bedroom at 28
Finding Jobs
Finding new daycare
Building a house

AHHHH...it's all been a bit CRAZY!!!  So at some point between January and February, we realized neither of us have no idea where our camcorder went.  It was last seen at a Christmas celebration in January.  I keep telling myself that it wasn't thrown away with Christmas wrappings and it will show up when we move. I've been doing some cleaning, still no camera:(((  Hope we find it!!!  I've already missed capturing many milestones in action.  

So when I saw this Polaroid DVG-720BC - had to enter the drawing on this humor blog.  See more digital cameras here.

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